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In the 1980’s, a group of local artists in Berkeley Springs were looking for gallery space to show their work.  Unfortunately, a suitable space was not found at that time. 

In the 1990’s, the Morgan Arts Council (MAC) was well represented with music and theatre; however, what was needed was an area to display two and three dimensional art. When MAC was given the cold storage building from US Silica for $1, it revived the idea of the possibility of a gallery. The building would provide an opportunity for visual artists to have a place to display and market their work.

A skilled group of volunteers built and painted pedestals, enhanced jewelry cases, painted floors, built display shelves and free standing walls, and installed decorative stained glass panels. So many talented people have donated their time and creative energy over the last three decades to make the Ice House what it is today.

MAC arranged for a curator to give a workshop to a group of artists to guide them on how to create a professional show.  After a series of successful gallery shows, the idea of a permanent co-op gallery was rekindled.

Once the windows were installed in what’s now the gallery, a group of about 15 local artists gathered to establish the Co-op Gallery. The artists worked together to create bylaws and the co-op was incorporated in January of 2004. 

Now there are more than 30 members.



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