Jane Frenke
Fiber Artist, Clothing, Quilts
Berkeley Springs, WV 25411

About Janet

15493678_181487332322118_4454465136326865220_oFiber and Fabric have been a part of Jane’s life forever.  Her mother taught her to push the needle back through the quilt when she was four or five years old as “they” were finishing her Grandmother’s Garden quilt on and old curtain frame.  Jane took a breather and went to college majoring in graphic art, and she took masters credits in printmaking.  In 1974, she started a hand weaving studio called the “Loom Room” where she wove clothing, interior design pillows, and wall hangings for the next twenty-eight years. These products were retailed and wholesaled throughout the country.  

Quilting started with these wonderful scraps that she was unable to throw away.  As any fiber person knows, scrap multiplies arithmetically in proportion to the business of the artist.  She had to do something with these beautifully dyed silks and gorgeous cotton hand wovens.  Art quilts, with the twist of practicality, are the focus of her creativity now.

She hand-dyes and prints of the fabric and also uses commercial fabrics to obtain the look she is seeing in her mind.  “If you could be inside my head and see what I see…”  a student once wrote; Jane totally agrees! 

In recent years, these quilts have won best in show in West Virginia, Ohio and Maryland, and numerous Judges choice awards.  Jane’s quilts are in the possession of many collectors around the country and have hung in the American Embassy in Saudi Arabia.

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