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About Jonathan:


Jonathan, a Washington DC area expatriate, has painted professionally since 1972. As a self-taught painter, his work in watercolor, oil and acrylic has evolved over the years into what he considers a “relaxed realism” in both style and content. Although serious about painting, his various themes explore the humor in everyday life. So it is intentional, fortunately, that his paintings evoke responses such as “boisterous,” “exuberant antics,” “one sick puppy,” “ornery,” “bathroom art” and “existential absurdity.”

Jonathan’s fun images reflect his feeling that “we all need to seek the joy in life, learn to laugh at ourselves and try to exceed our limitations.”

Since 1979, Jonathan has made his home in Morgan County with wife printmaker, Jan Heath, and son Damian. The Heath Studio Gallery in Berkeley Springs opened in 1991, open weekends. Their son, preferring the culinary arts, created Lot 12 Public House in Berkeley Springs with his wife, Betsy, in 1999.

Jonathan’s work appears in numerous shops, restaurants, and galleries around the country. His work has received regional, national and international recognition. In Berkeley Springs, Jonathan’s paintings and prints can be seen at the Heath Studio Gallery, Lot 12 Public House, and the Ice House Co-op Gallery

You are invited to visit him at the Heath Studio Gallery to see a full selection of his paintings and prints and perhaps see him painting at his easel.

327 N. Washington St. 304-258-9840, open weekends or by appointment of chance.

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